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Fresh Pet Food

Dried Kibble

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Human Grade ingredients
Feed Grade ingredients
Single Source Protein, Transfat free, low in saturated fat
Fillers, Meals & By-Products
Free from sodium, salt &
artificial flavors or
Made in small batches in our human-grade kitchen
Mass Factory Produced
GMO Ingredients
Nutritionist & vet formulated
Nutritionist & vet formulated

Why Switch to a Fresh, Gently Cooked Diet?

Your fur baby is a treasured member of your family, so wouldn’t you do anything to make your family member healthy and happy?

Simply put, fresh food is better for you and is better for your fur baby.

A fresh diet for your fur baby is the same as a fresh diet for yourself. Let’s be honest, don’t you want for your family members the same things you want for yourself? If you won’t eat it why feed it to your fur baby?

More than anything else, the food that you provide to your fur baby will be the singular factor that determines his or her health, energy, happiness, and perhaps your vet bills.

With every freshly-cooked meal, your fur baby gets a different variety of nutrients every day in a healthy ready to eat serving made up of real ingredients. What you don’t get are the meat by-products, feed-grade grains, artificial preservatives, colourants, additives and fillers contained in traditional dog food used to reduce cost and extend shelf life.

Imagine if you have to eat the exact same food every meal, every day of your life. Beyond being painfully boring, wouldn’t you question whether you are getting a nutritionally-balanced diet? Welcome to a dog’s life. Long ago, before commercially-produced dog foods, dogs ate a lot of the same food as humans. There is a reason our dogs beg for our food – they’re meant to eat a variety.

What We Mean by Fresh

Coco’s Pet Kitchen does not mass produce and freeze products. We cook and deliver food on the very same day. Our food is gently slow roasted in small batches. We are committed to keeping our products all natural safe and healthy.

Our Standards

We purchase only human-grade ingredients from restaurant suppliers. Our food is minimally cooked to maximize its nutritional value and reduce the risk of harmful bacteria. All ingredients are inspected upon arrival and rejected if they do not meet our standards. Kitchen staff with human food safety and handling certification lovingly prepare every meal in our human-grade kitchen, ensuring the perfect balance of ingredients…specially for your family member. We believe in nothing less for your loved one!!!

Benefits of our Fresh Diet

Because our prepared meals are free of preservatives and fillers your dog’s body will use more of what is ingested, putting all of the vitamins, minerals, proteins, and carbohydrates contained in our meals to good use. The most important factor in a pet’s life other than the love of his human family is his daily diet.

And while no two dogs are alike, the benefits of switching your pet to a fresh diet should soon become noticeable, including:

  • Happy mealtime: Most fur babies will finish their meal in one setting
  • Stronger immune system: Food is rich in vitamins, zinc and other minerals which help to keep the immune system healthy and strong
  • Softer and shinier coat: Food contains fatty acids and oils to improve skin and coat health
  • Improved digestion: Every ingredient is carefully chosen, essential and readily absorbed by the body producing less waste, smaller, firmer stools and less smell
  • More energy: Food is more digestible and nutrients easily absorbed for energy

Why Aren’t Fresh Pet Diets More Common?

Everyone’s life is busier than ever with more demands and less time. We sometimes find ourselves taking the easy way out, opting for convenience over all else, all too often to our own, and sadly, to our pet’s detriment.

Easy for You, Better for Fur Baby

At Coco’s Pet Kitchen we do all the work for you. We’ve done extensive research, investing both time and labour to carefully craft our healthy, balanced, nutritionist and holistic vet-formulated meals and we deliver them ready to eat, right to your door. Just gently heat, serve and witness your pet’s enjoyment.

We’ve made the healthiest and tastiest food for your fur babies and the most convenient option for you.

Considering a new diet?

Subscribe today, invest in your fur baby’s health and enjoyment and get 25% off your first trial order. Now you can bring the taste and scent of Sunday dinner into your kitchen all week long !!!! It is a great way to keep your fur baby healthy and happy.

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