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Fur Babies don’t watch their health. That's up to us!

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Coco's Pet Kitchen
Our Mission

Coco’s Pet Kitchen’s mission is to change the way we feed our fur babies with Real food and in so doing provide them with the opportunity to lead longer, healthier and happier lives.

About Us

Like you, we love our fur babies and care about their health .That’s why Ann created Coco’s Pet Kitchen – a subscription service offering balanced, freshly-cooked, farm-to-table food, prepared in a human-grade kitchen, cooked and delivered same day directly to your door.

In her kitchen, Ann’s primary focus has always centered on the creation of nutritious, healthy and yummy servings for her human and fur baby family members, making meal time a happy experience. Ann became convinced that eating the right food can promote a pet’s health and wellbeing. Driven by love and guided by science, careful research, experience and the guidance of nutritionists over the last 18 years, Ann carefully crafted meals for her pets in her steadfast belief that her fur babies deserve food that is 100 % fit for human consumption. It is with this belief that Coco’s Pet Kitchen was founded.

Coco’s Pet kitchen uses only fresh real food, premium ingredients, no additives and seasonal locally sourced ingredients. We create measured healthy meals that will be a feast for your fur baby senses …. Food that is good enough for you to eat. We believe that goodness should be available to every pet. Eating a balanced diet of wholesome ingredients can lead to a happier, healthier life including special moments with your family that last a lifetime

What We Are Offering

Coco’s Pet Kitchen’s smarter and healthier food choices for your own darling fur baby use only ingredients that you can see and recognize. Instead of feeding fur babies highly processed food for the rest of their lives, we create healthier nutritionally-balanced alternative options for pet parents to choose.

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