Bone BrothGuest post by Julia Suppa

Bone Broth and its consumption has been very trendy for the last few years, and with good reason: it’s extremely good for you. Truth is, bone broth, which is made from simmering bones, marrow and cartilage of animals for hours and hours is a very old practice.

Animal bones, marrow and gelatin are rich in calcium, magnesium, potassium, phosphorus and are known to help build and strengthen your bones. It is also said to improve joint health, lower inflammation and support your gut. Many people suggest adults drink a cup each day for maximum benefit.

But what about your pets?

Various studies show it is beneficial to pets, too.

We agree. Did you know that we infuse our own homemade bone broth into all our Coco’s Pet Kitchen meals? It’s true.

It’s one of the first, crucial steps when we’re in the kitchen. Our chicken and beef broth take 24 hours to make and it’s a staple ingredient in our meals. You are always getting high-quality, real ingredients in our Coco’s Pet Kitchen meals.

Make Your Own Bone Broth Treats

As the weather warms up, did you know you could make bone broth popsicles for your pet?

Using your favourite broth, make tiny icy treats using ice-cube trays. Drop a cube into your pup’s food bowl for a tasty treat that’s both beneficial and hydrating!

No bones about it, bone broth is liquid love, easy to digest and can be quite filling. Join the fresh is best movement and find out why everyone is drinking bone broth, pets and humans alike – click here to try!


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